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Greetings Folks  this is a youtube video of John Wells reciting his poem about living in a Texas Desert. He is the sort of person I would love to sit around a camp fire with  and also all the good people from Chordie Land. The Long Horn cows he has with him  on this clip look like the sort of beautiful creatures that no one would mess with.

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That's a good'un Peatle. Thanks for posting it. My favorite cowboy poet is Baxter Black, but my all-time favorite cowboy poem is "Reincarnation" by Wallace McRae:

I want to read my own water, choose my own path, write my own songs

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Dirty Ed thank you for introducing me to Wallace McRae. I loved the way he did Reincarnation on that link. I have just looked up Baxter Black on youtube another new one for me and have enjoyed watching him also. Here is a one that i have just seen of Baxter Black which I enjoyed. DE you have expanded my horizons on poetry as down here in little old NZ we don't get to hear many cowboy poems.