Topic: What do you take to a gig?

OK  no smart arse replies on this I know I need my
What I wondered was when you do say an open Mic or solo gig what do you consider to be the essential  items to take.
My list is as follows.
Music stand.
I consider this to be my minimum amount of kit ,what about the rest of you

Re: What do you take to a gig?

When i go to a gig i take my wallet,cause i know i`ll buy a beer while listening.

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Re: What do you take to a gig?

add duct tape   - fixes everything
and like EB said -  wallet

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Re: What do you take to a gig?

I haven't gigged in a while, but I always made sure I had a soldering iron on hand ...

These days I'd take my iPad and iPad stand, as I've moved most of my songs on there (thanks Chordie!!)



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Re: What do you take to a gig?

That's a good list, Graham ...

It's been a long time since I've performed, but I always made sure to have a power bar and a 14/2 grounded extension chord. Been to a few coffee houses where the performance area had only one outlet, and was at a place once where there was no outlet close to where they wanted the performer(s) to set up.

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Re: What do you take to a gig?

All my kit sit in two boxes...FX, cables, 10 socket extension block, 3 metre extension lead (for places that have no sockets handy) mic stand feet, screw driver set and mini disc's. Guitar, amp and PA, stands and mic stand are all carry on. It normally takes about 30 minutes in a normal venue to carry everything in and set up. I've never done an open mic night but seeing as I'm not playing so much anymore I may do a few.

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