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Hello, everyone!
I wanted to let you know that I am doing much better.  I am stronger and am now taking care of my sweet husband. I've even become his hair stylist! Now if I can just get him to pay me! Hope everyone is well. As always,  keep us in your prayers and thank you for the wonderful gifts of music.


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Hi Dondra and Bill.
The gift of  love you have for each other and your faith will keep you strong. The way you care for each other is worth more than money. Bill your a lucky man  having a Billion Dollar hairstylist.keeping you looking good.
Hugs to you both
Love Pete and Maree

Re: From Dondra

Hi Dondra, glad you're feeling better. Ann likes nothing better than to cut any hair that has the audacity to show itself on my body, well it gives her something to do!

Keep well my dear friends

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Re: From Dondra

Thanks for the update, Dondra ... very much appreciated. Your dear husband has become a real favorite here at Chordie, and his warm humor and discussion ideas have been a real enrichment for us all. Please give him our best, and take care of yourself also. smile

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