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Here is a bit of fun with well known songs to brighten up a monday.

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big_smile Thats horrible and wonderful at the same time. Loved the announcer dude. Lol

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Topdown I loved their version of YMCA ,

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That was so funny and good at the same time. All of them were great. I wanted to send in money for the two set CD.

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Go On Shake your booty big_smile stayin alive ha... ha... ha.. haa
God damnit.. hahahaha very well done. this is just amazing.

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Like CG said - they were great and I too kept clicking on the next video.  What a wonderful take on music to have some fun.

I would classify this Genre as Stoic Presentation.

I absolutely love Prairie Home Companion anyway - it is / was a great show.  If you get the chance - watch the movie of the same title - lots of stars in it - Lily Tomlin, Meril Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Lindsay Lohan, and John C. Reilly

It's about the death of live stage productions as such

Thanks for sharing !


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I'm lost for words smile

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I'm still smiling.

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Hilarious ... even the original artists would be grinning from ear to ear if they saw this. First class entertainment ... thanks!

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Had me laughing, that was great! I recently had surgery on my back and I thought it would pull out the staples. I always enjoyed Prarrie Home Companion.

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I have the greatest  respect and admiration for Chris Thile as a musician but I think him  trying to host a show to the same level that Garrison Keillor has achieved would be imposible for anyone. A Prairie Home Companion was a show I loved when Garrison was doing it , once Chris took over it didn't work the same for me. I haven't seen the film  of the show but it is now on my list of films to watch eventually.