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Topic: For All You Songwriters Out There.

Saturday morning just waiting for the rain to clear and my mind  to clear also, so that I can  figure out some better way of doing a song I have writen.
When I thought about this clip I had seen on youtube which I think is a brilliant look at songwriting.

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I love Paul Simons work. I recently bought his Graceland's album with all his comments and recording and writing techniques....I found it very informative and insightful...it also shows that any little thing can become a song if you look at it the right way.

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That was great, thanks for sharing Peatle smile

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That was awesome.
Paul Simon played at Cooperstown ( about 15 mins from my house), along with Bob Dylan.
A bunch of years ago - I had front row seats - it was a great night.

His uncanny ability to play, create, and sing is unsurpassed. His lyrics  are absolutely some of the best in the world. At his age he doesn't stop - what an inspiration to us all.
His rhythms are always creative and scintillating in many mysterious ways.  An all time great performer.

The other musicians on the stage are so talented as well. Chris Thile in the gray suit ( mandolin) is a master musician and has a personality that fits perfectly into live productions - he is a riot. He is one of the best (BUT NOT RECOGNIZED AS MUCH ) musicians,  on the planet. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to be on a stage performing with him.  Along with him is Sarah Jaroz - who I posted about  - I think two years ago - she is fantastic. plays like every string instrument there is and has a fabulous voice ( not unlike Jan and Amy's of chordie lore! smile  )

Richard Dworsky on keyboards - not featured so much in the video - but one of the long time players on the Prairie Home Companion show - another really great performer. The Punch brothers are excellent as well.

Put that group all on one stage - and it is exactly what you would expect. - pure excellence - along with a whole bunch of us that wish we were at that concert.

Thanks for sharing Peatle - another great find from the Loremaster !!  Keep them coming  my friend!!

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On that stage is musical heaven  all of them fantastic musicians,