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Topic: Morality (Sung Or Spoken To The Doors' "Soft Parade"

****Note: I have always liked The Doors' "Soft Parade" and for about the past year, I've been thinking the words "legislate" and "morality". I finally realized I heard them in a phrase by some politician. This is a satire of sorts based on on that tune. If you've never heard it and care to read along it's on YouTube. I tried to stay faithful to the rhyme and meter, but in my opinion Jim Morrison was crazier than I am.

To conclude, please remember that I tend to live in what we in America call "Left Field", so keep it in mind as you read if you choose to. Please make suggestions/corrections as you see fit. Thank you *****


(Strongly voiced)
"When I was back there in Washington, there was a body of Senators who put forth
the proposition that one can legislate morality.....................Legislate..... morality......
Legislate. Morality...........

Can you give me one example
To show that this has worked for you?
You're mistaken telling people
What they should think and {what}
They should do.

The time for that is through
(Tempo Change)

Screaming and beatings and strict isolation
Shootings and bombings dividing our nation

(short instrumental break)

Killing your brother is not the solution
Dead babies in dumpsters won't bring absolution.
Fooling the people can get you elected
But words of derision won't get you respected
Keep up your thieving, your lies and your cheating

Till the next vote comes in

Bombs and drones
Screams and moans
Starving children
Throwing stones
At each OTHER!!!!

Barb-wire fence
A weak defense
Soldiers escaping
Your influence.

What's the answer
Where's the way
Another planet?
Who's to say?

"Leave it for the kids to fix"
But all they'll have are wood and bricks.
Before we turn it all to dust
We'll have to try to regain their trust.

Trust. Yeah.

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Re: Morality (Sung Or Spoken To The Doors' "Soft Parade"

excellent words Bill,great to see some of your writings on Chordie.

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Re: Morality (Sung Or Spoken To The Doors' "Soft Parade"

Bill that is one top piece of songwriting. Watching the resentment  of one group against another in this modern day on the news and  destruction of innocent peoples lifes saddens me. Power and morality don't seem to come together.