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Topic: Excellent Cover Bands

Every so often, I'll hear some no-name group cover a song and go "Wow ... they really nailed it!" Here's a basement group called "The Band Geeks" and a smoking hot cover of Yes's "South Side of the Sky":

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-g0Ivb … vb-ddM#t=5

Any other covers which blow you away?

P.S. Over the drummer's left shoulder is a guitar shaped like the USS Defiant from Star Trek DS9 ... coolest thing ever!

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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

In the 1960s cheap mass-produced portable transistor radios increased the public's appetite for popular music here in New Zealand. But this was also an era when radio was state-owned and exerted a powerful influence on the record buying public and thus the recording industry. Record companies would regularly submit singles to the New Zealand National Broadcasting Corporation for purchase and play. If a song was deemed unsuitable there was little point in record companies importing and distributing it. Because of our distance from America and Europe we would not  be able to buy the popular records by Beatles or Rolling Stones, Elvis, and othe artists until months after they were released. So in order for a local band to get recorded in those days they had to do covers of songs in the top ten overseas. Not many bands were able to record their own original songs. My father colection of records was what he got  seaman he knew to bring back from ports they visted in the United States and the United Kingdom. As the time progressed this all changed and we had local bands doing originals and we could get hold of recordings from the rest of the world locally. Private radio station were eventually alowed to operate and we were able to access a bigger variety of music. Now days we can with the internet acess all types of music. For me the best covers are done by bands that bring their own style to a song. I love bluegrass bands doing covers such as the Punch Brothers.

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Here's a cover of Pink Floyd's "Julia Dream" by Mostly Autumn. If anything, I like this better than the original:


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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

TF that is a great cover.   A Pink Floyd's cover  which I like of " Wish You Were Here' is done in a way I have never heard before is by Young At Heart.  They have built a new presentation around it which I find very clever and moving.The mission of the Young@Heart Chorus is to present a unique and positive image of aging through the creation of originally staged musical and theater performances that incorporate songs not commonly sung by older Americans. Young@Heart provides a not-for-profit musical outlet for the elderly of Western Massachusetts in the form of vocal concerts and/or stage presentations.

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And then there's the amazing "Perpetuum Jazzile" from Poland ... pick a song, they're all great:


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WOW !!!!!!!!

Well thank you for removing about an hour and a half from my Monday morning !

I could not stop watching these amazing performances.
You are absolutely correct - pick any one and it is fantastic!

The song they did by Toto - Africa -   by far my favorite however. The simulated thunderstorm was incredible.   I kept saying to my self as I listened with headphones - there has got to be some musical instruments or digital enhancement - but alas - there is none !!!!

I really love great musical talent - the orchestration of all those singers must've been ridiculous.

Thank you so much for sharing that - I am sure I will re-visit when I need a little inspiration or just need to go to a happy place for a while!


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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

TF Perpetuum Jazzile blew me away thanks for sharing. I will attach a short video showing some of the mechanics behind vocal play..

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Here's a real unusual version of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" ... played hillbilly style:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Ao-iN … mp;index=1

Different, weird ... but very good!

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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

TF I love that cover of Thunderstruck. On the show  A Prairie Home Companion I love a segiment that Chris Thile does every month honouring musician birthdays with short interpretation of thier songs. Here is one below from a few months back.

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Lots of fun, Peatle ... hahahaha! I loved his David Byrne impersonation ... great post!

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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

Cheers TF." Girl From the North Country",  is a play using Bob Dylan songs put together by Connor Mcpherson.        Connor McPherson was approached in 2013 by Dylan’s manager, Jeff Rosen, to see if he would be interested in basing a theatre show around a collection of his music. The Irish playwright was hesitant at first, unsure how to use songs by a “great icon of the 20th century” without falling into cliché. Then he had the idea of setting the play inside a guesthouse in a pre-Dylan Duluth – freeing the tunes and lyrics from the historical shadow of the singer’s life, yet keeping them grounded in the town that produced him. The Plays  Musical supervisor Simon Hale, who has arranged and orchestrated the play, was unafraid to take the songs in very different directions to the original recordings.
Here is one of the songs from the show which has been  covered in a new and dynamic  way.

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Wow, that's a cool cover! Anyone aware of a band that does good covers of System of A Down songs?

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Cool thread TF..     Here's one I got to see live, {Dutch Blues Fest}


Badeye   cool

one caper after another

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Here's a cover of Pink Floyd's "Pigs" by the Australian Pink Floyd Show. I don't know of a cover band that consistently "nails it" like these guys 'n' gals do with PF's material. Guitarist Steve Mac's solo with the "Talk Box" is so good I get chills:


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I saw Aussie Floyd live years ago.   Oh wow. Excellent

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The Band Geeks have hit a home run with this version of Boston's "More Than a Feeling" ... terrific vocalist!


(NOTE: Please excuse his expletive at around 0:50)

And I had to throw in their spot-on version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"


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Thanx TF, total enjoyment. I listened to both tracks mentioned plus Another Brick, Stairway to Heaven and Owner of a Lonely heart. All covers, all brilliant. One worrying thing was Boris Johnson on keyboards! I think you need to be a Brit to understand that one

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Here are twin sisters Camille & Kennerly Kitt doing a harp duet of Aerosmith's "Dream On" ... and it really works / wroks:


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Re: Excellent Cover Bands

They were great on Bohemian Rhapsody and that is not an easy song to sing.  Camille & Kennerly Kitt were very good on harps. I know of one guy that plays a  harp and he worked years before you could tell what song  he played. If memory serves me I thinks he said he paid 10 grand US dollars  for it and lessons cost $100 and hour. And type guitar is  much better buy and if you take guitar lessons they are still much more reasonable.

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Wow ...

That's a lotta dough for a harp. I didn't realize they cost that much, and then adding the lesson costs. Aside of that, I would expect it would a full day's job to replace the strings on one and tune it.

The I got to thinking about what I could buy for $10,000 in the guitar world. It would just about get me a Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axxess and a Marshall JVM100 head with 4x12 slant-back cabinet. So ... I'll just crawl back into my dream world. big_smile

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Here are two different bluegrass versions of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone", which really work well:

Farm Strong   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMMktDw6RDg

Run C & W   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E9vYd04OtQ

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Here's a grand piano version of Pink Floyd's "Echos" by Ukranian pianist Viktoriya Yermolyeva ... very well interpreted:


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I was chatting with a stranger in a pharmacy yesterday, and he told me about this cover of Paul Simon's "Sounds of Silence" ... holy moley this is good:


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TF That was brilliant.a great find.

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Cheers, Peatle ... that chap has some ridiculous power and emotion in his voice ... gives me chills.