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As I've been pondering the way our opinions - and even our core values - are so blatantly and recklessly influenced by the media, I thought of Marshall McLuhan's quote from his 1964 book "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man". And that gave rise to this quickly assembled little poem:


The medium is the message …
From reporting to journalism to editorialize,
The facts matter less than anything else.
The medium influences objectivity
The medium influences our activity
Trusting a stranger with a nudge and a wink,
Trusting a stranger to tell me how to think.

The medium is the mass age …
Communication and information technology
Carpet bombing our mass sociology
The medium reaches everyone now
The medium reaches every home now
Trusting a stranger with a nod and a smile
Trusting a stranger to control me for a while.

The medium is the mess age …
Nothing good happens as far as we know
Gotta boost ratings and give 'em a show
The medium shows only the bad
The medium shows no reason to be glad
Trusting a stranger who wants me to frown
Trusting a stranger who just brings me down.

The medium is the massage …
What they did or didn't say doesn't even matter,
Don't read for yourself, your mind is too scattered
The medium twists it however it bends
The medium twists it to serve its own ends
Trusting a stranger to sell me their lie
Trusting a stranger? I ask myself … why?

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That is SPOT ON !
well done!

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TF  that is an excellent poem. Over here in New Zealand our news has become infotainment where the truth as they say doesnt get in the way of a good story.  Sensationalism without substance. Our  news media  seems to me to be governed by, and full of advertisers.politicians, with public relation marketers who seem to be up to something other than giving us good infomation. We have  now  got this world where good arguments are ignored by the media. You mention gotta boost ratings in your poem and world wide now it is  also about the advertising dollar.  If your show rates high the revenue generated by having advertisers place their product with you costing big dollars makes that media company even more profitable. There is alot of deception out there which can help to subvert, justice fairness,and democracy.and the building of benificial relationships between the people and government.

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it's called media misinformation. bending the truth to suit your/advertisers/financial/warmongers ends. rupert murdock lambasted the Australian labour party because his politics were conservative, (that probably means something different in the US?) he tried it in the UK too but failed so he moved to the US and became a citizen and formed Sky, which in the UK is heavily biased towards the tory party.
WOW, another rant, sorry. lets get back to the subject in hand.
what a fabulous poem. it has all the ingredients, well written and a conversation piece to get people talking and discussing.

full marks my friend

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Some where reporters turned into journalists.
A reporter reported the news,journalists seem to have more freedom to
express their own opinion on issues,but it`s not always accurate news.

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Re: The Medium Is ...

Well written TF. 
The  Media and its information or misinformation these days really provides speakers, writers, poets, songwriters a full menu of choice morsels to choose from ........... handed  to us on a platter it seems ..... for those so inclined to speak, sing and write.

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