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Hi guys, I'm the newest member of the crew. My hobbies are playing guitar, drums,  watching sci-fi movies, and reading books. I do hope to get along with everyone.

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Welcome to Chordie. I am the hoarder of the group. It is before your time here. I also used to own the most famous bread machine in the world.

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Welcome, Diana, I  am into Sci-Fi  myself and I play guitar a lot and some drums (electronic) enjoy the site tons of great songs to check out .

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Welcome to Chordie, Diana ... from eastern Canada.

We're a fairly laid back bunch here, and eager to share good info, encouragement, and answer questions in a non-competitive, non-confrontational way. Chordians are from all over the globe, with many cultural and musical differences. But the love of guitars and music is our common bond.

And speaking of sci fi, how about this great exchange between Drax and Ego from "Guardians of the Galaxy II"

Ego: "Really, I'm just a god with a small g."
Drax: "Modesty. I like it. I too am extraordinarily humble."

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Welcome aboard!!

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Hi Diana, welcome to Chordie, lovely to see another lady join us on here smile

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Thank you guys for welcoming me! I'll make sure to enjoy myself here. wink

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Hi Diane and welcome. Our ratio of female to male here is quite low, so another female take on the range of subjects we tackle here will be very welcome.
For myself, I dabble with guitar, keyboard, drums, recording and trying to sing. I also write songs....sort of!
So, once again welcome to Chordie from Wales UK.

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Welcome Diana from me down here in New Zealand.  I read about one book a fortnight  sadly I am boring in that department as I tend to read mostly history books and peoples life stories.  I have dabbled a bit with creating songs while messing around with guitar and piano plus my bad vocals. So far I havent managed  put out  a song that has got anywhere but have had fun having a go The gender balance on here needs more female input as it mostly male. The knowledge of people on here is excellent.   I look forward to your posts and maybe you could recomend a good scifi movie to watch?   After posting this  I will look up and find out what Sci Fi movies are. I look forward to your posts.

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Welcome to Chordieland Diana !

You won't find a better assembly of people on the planet!
Everyone here is very helpful and there is a vast universe of knowledge and talent in many varieties. Glad you are here to add to it.

We literally circle the globe and often members get together at chordie gatherings.

I am from NY  USA.

Where do you hail from ?

Again welcome to the group - Jim

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