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Topic: Another great loss

I wake up today to learn that Vinny Paul Abbott has died.  Only 4 yrs older than me.
What a loss to heavy music.  By all reports he was a human metronome. Now he is with Darryl.
Looks like a BLACK TOOTH GRIN and some Cowboys from Hell are on the playlist.


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Mal - Jayne, your mouth is talking. You might wanna look to that
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Re: Another great loss

It is a shame - way too young.  The history of his life is a great read.  I don't remember his brother being shot on stage - that must've been unimaginally awful.

It was interesting to read about their Dad who was a country songwriter influenced them and they ended up heavy metal.

At least now he can re-join the band with his brother and the others we have lost.  Always a sad day to hear of these losses.

Thanks for the post Beamer


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