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My wife and I went to see Chicago and REO Speedwagon last night at Saratoga Performing arts center in upstate NY. to celebrate our birthdays and 35th Anniversary which all happened this week.

Chicago was excellent, their instrumentation was mesmerizing.  Some great songs.  BUT,  REO SPEEDWAGON  brought the house down - absolutely fantastic.
The joint was rocking!

This band has been together for 46 years!!

Amazing energy- great rock music, and showmanship that was out of this world.

From the middle of the first song - the crowd was on its feet for the rest of the concert - amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing,  amazing !

If you get the chance to see them - GO !


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HAPPY 35th...   what a way to spend it.. Wife and I also have 35 years in...   no kids  no babysitters,,  hehe...

Badeye   cool

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Congrats on your 35th, Jim ... who do we send the sympathy card to? lol

There's nothing quite like seeing a mature / seasoned band performing live. Everything is typically very tight, the band mates know each other's habits thoroughly, and the performance is usually dynamic like you described. Great way to celebrate!

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Congrats on #35 and glad you had a great time Jim. 

On my 35th I budgeted $10K to do what ever Jennifer wanted - trip to Europe,  Caribbean cruise, etc.  When I asked her - she just said "write me a song". I thought "Wow! this song-writing thing is finally paying off!".  I wrote a song titled "Shelter from the rain".  She liked it but said I was the only person in the world who would compare 35 years of marriage to a wet, soggy tent. smile

We've got #45 coming up in January - I'm curious what she'll want next.


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We celebrated our 30th running errands. 35th in a couple years. I expect I should be ready for the same kind of excitement.

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Happy Birthday(s) and Congrats on the 35th, Jim!

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Congratulations  on your 35 year anniversary and with the band at 46 years you are extensively good at commitments. And I mean that in a great way!

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