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ive had the scarlett 18i6 for a few years and i kept getting emails saying if i registered i'd get a load of stuff plug ins etc so i tried down loading and got nothing. not to say focusrite isnt great stuff as i got a recording studio with it which i only use for mixing and getting stuff ready for youtube or soundcloud. it took me a long time to get into it and had to have assistance which was very good and free. if you can get it then go for it

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A lot of the stuff, because it's commercial, requires you to have an iLok account or otherwise register with the providing company.   That is a bit of a hassle, butyou'd have to do the same thing if you actually purchased the software, too.

My account page has a list of all the stuff I'm eligible for, along with whatever the latest Plugin Collective offer is about.   Beyond the secondary registration hassle, it's been relatively pain free.

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i may try again in that case, thanks for the tip

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jerome.oneil wrote:

I just bought a Focusrite interface, and along with it comes a ton of good software, little of it free unless you are registered with Focusrite.  They have what is called "The Plugin Collective" where every month there is a commercial VST made available to members.  You don't actually have to own a Focusrite interface to take advantage of it, but more is available to those who do.   So far I've recieved

* Focusrite's Red 1 and Red 2 compressor and EQ
* Addictive Keys instrument of my choice (I went with the grand piano)
* Syntorus' Double Path analog chorus.

That's about $500 worth of software for nothing, which is quite a bargain considering the interface was $300.  smile

So I'd register with Focusrite just in case they decide to drop some freebies on everyone, which they do on occasion.


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Thanks for the info mate. It will be useful for every one.

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It's cool to read all the messages here-  I have absolutely no idea what any of it means but it sounds like it must be fun to play around with all the cool stuff you guys are talking about.
you are way out of my league.  I'm just happy I figured out how to record a song on my computer. smile
I would love to see a couple of  photos of where you guys record and the equip you use.
I know that when Phill has recorded songs for me I am always amazed - I seriously don't know how you guys mix and put stuff together - it's like you are sound engineers or something and it ends up sounding like a full band with backup singers. smile

Very well done -  as I said - even though I don't understand most of what you're talking about - I enjoy the conversations between the real musicians.
Keep on keepin' On !


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Whilst this post has been resurrected, Tracktion T6 was released for free:



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Greetings!  I’m away from home for a couple days in Haida Gwaii (bc) and really don’t know much about this software but it’s free and seems to have some decent recording functionality.  Traction version 7   I did a search and didn’t see this posted already but my apologies if this is redundant … zDS2gsNrRA