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This would be the perfect pickup for the little Fender accoustic, but I'm a little "leery" of getting it without some decent reviews: … me-control

As you can see, there's the no volume control and volume control option, and the reason I am hesitant is because of the many times I have heard those little knobs go Ccccrrrrraaaaaaackle when trying to adjust them. smile

Also, how permanent is that stickum? Say that little pickup stops working at all - am I going to be able to remove it without damaging the finish of the guitar, or am I just gonna stick another pickup near where the now non-functioning one is?

Why am I thinking about getting that one at all? Well, the one I had bought before (about 2 years ago, I think) didn 't fit into the sound hole, so I was thinking this little bugger might be better to use.

Thanks for your opinions as always


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Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

I have no experience with these. I use a Fishman soundhole pickup and it is incredible.  I’ll put a link here if you like.

Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

IDK about that one but my buddy always used a Dean Markley Piezo stick-on and it was really nice (no volume knob) run it into ta volume pedal?
Might be a better control with less noise.

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Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

I woud not worry about the volume control on this device. It is a sealed unit and the crackle heard when adjusting volume is usually dust and dirt on the internal contacts, so the chances of crackle are very slim. As for the sticky pads I would not worry about that either. I have pick holders on all my guitars held on with a double sided sticky pad which will be very similar, if not identical, to what they use. To clean any residue when I remove them, I simply use what I always use to clean a guitar body, a bathroom wet wipe (you know the ones you normally use to clean an unmentionable part of your anatomy lol).
I would say, "Go for it".


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Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

Looks good. Like the fact that it's detachable and leaves no mark. Sounds good on the demo too. I put one (not one of these) on my Fender years ago, it came with black gooey sticky stuff which still won't come off and fitted inside the sound hole. This one looks a lot more convenient.

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Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

I have no first -hand experience with this brand, but I'm not a fan of Piezos in general. I find they don't have a broad enough frequency range for a guitar, but are quite good for more narrowly focused ranges, like fiddles and ukuleles. Still, for $49 it's hard to go wrong.

Re: Ever Seen/Used One Of These?

I wish Detman101 still came around. He's so good with that kind of stuff that he built his own from Radio Shack leftovers.

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