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Ok i admit it,i used to not bother listening to peoples new music or thoughts.
But in the last few yrs on Chordie i`ve had a few people encourage me.
So i decided some time ago i would give back, as i know a kind word means
an awful lot to an artist/busker/musician.There are amazing people on Chordie
doing great things,but often given little support.I can only hope that more of you
listen and enjoy these wonderful artists.

Blood and sweat
often tears
on the canvas
passion and time
hung on a wall
not seeking compliments
only comment
wall of silence
lack of generosity
artist ignored

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Re: Apathy

A good poem and thoughts written down easybeat, sadly often true that not everyone makes comments or has a listen and   I know how encouraging it is to get a comment or two.  I am not sure what the reason is for it, but I hear what your saying.

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Re: Apathy

That's very well put, EasyBeat ... and so very true. Most of us are content to enjoy what others create, without a thought about supporting them in a tangible way. That's been a common but sad theme for centuries. Thanks for reminding us of the human realities behind all of the art we so dearly enjoy.

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Re: Apathy

Most artists (of any genre) don’t make a living with their art or get much feedback or attention.. They make a living so they can ENJOY and produce their art.  Reading your poem made me think about this three minute interview I watched recently, below with Leon Russell about songwriters and songwriting.                      

Re: Apathy

You've hit the nail on the head there my friend. Over the last few weeks I've been working on the house and haven't had much time for the interweb let alone Chordie. Stolen moments here and there just like now, so I haven't had much time for anything but checking for spam. I do like reading and listening to people's songs, not so much covers though. Your sentiments are on the head as usual and the way you've written it are gritty and relevant.

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Re: Apathy

Thanks for your replies,maybe apathy was too strong a word.more unthinking or taking for granted.
I would like to think people like Jan & Phill & others of you who play live. get thanked or applauded for their time & performances.
A bit of generosity costs nothing.What got me writing this poem was, i went to a friends art exhibition,seems many people went
only for the free food and drinks.I have another friend that takes brilliant photos,when i show an interest, this quite guy is so thankful
that someones interested in his art.
So hey next time you hear a busker give them a coin or just a smile.

The King Of Audio Torture

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Re: Apathy

easybeat in a few words you said so much.  I hope more Chordie members will comment too. As a group of the normal members apathy is not a problem.

Music is what feelings sound like.
Music is life, that why our hearts have beats.

Re: Apathy

It's what I have thought so many times, your poem easybeat. In the place of words, it doesn't take much to click on one of those "like" icons, so the artist can at least "see" that one had a look and/or listen to his/her work. When one ponders it - it takes a lot for the artist to bare his or her soul enough to write it, sing it, play it for us.

We happen to be musicians, poets and writers speaking the universal language, but there are two parts to a conversation. Let's not forget to listen and respond when we can and are moved to do so.



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