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anybody want to buy some old smashed up guitars? i may never (try) to play again...that guy is brilliant!

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Re: Thought y'all might like this

I just watch it and he was playing a classical guitar and used a thumb pick.  In his playing, and he was good, but he was using a true travis picking style. What he was playing was in reality an easy tune although a long one. So Phill no smashed up guitars. I and betting  what you play he may not.

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Re: Thought y'all might like this

I thought he was awesome.

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Re: Thought y'all might like this

Certainly entertaining big_smile

Then I had to click on the one beside it "The best jam I ever witnessed"

Reminds me of chordiestock with 100X the talent (and there are some real talented folks at chordiestock!)

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Re: Thought y'all might like this

Fantastic! As good as Tommy Emmanuel is, I'm always impressed with how he seeks to promote talent other than his own. I'm envious of the people in the room, who got to witness this first-hand.