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I just looked through my topics and realized I haven't updated you all with my latest two pedal purchases.

EHX Leslie emulator for guitar, the Lester G:
Bought it a few months ago and I've been playing around with it. I love the rotary speaker sound but the problem I have with all of them is there's no "brake" effect. Well, EHX solved this problem with a great Leslie emulator complete with a brake. This thing sounds fantastic and it shapes the sound with a nice overdrive even when the rotary simulator is off. 4 stars.

The Noisekick Whambulance: This little monster is a combination auto-wah and trem. The cool feature here is that you can switch the sequence of the pedal putting the wah in front or behind of the trem. Trem into auto-wah means the tremolo will trigger the wah sound, which I'm looking forward to playing with.

So my rig now looks like:
guitar => zvex box of rock (gain booster and crunch) => Fulltone plimsoul (saturated heavy distortion) => Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah => whambulance => EHX Lester => Fender Blues Deluxe reissue.

I'm guest artisting at a local jam night near my house on Sunday so I'll post some clips and let you know judge the sound! 

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Nice board additions, BGD ...

1) Leave to EHX to solve a problem with an emulation pedal, to bring it closer to the real thing. They really have it together.

2) My Boss ME-80 multi-board has an "auto wah" which I played around with and sort of enjoyed; but I'll confess to preferring to control the wah with my foot rather than with pick attack. Your Fulltone Clyde Deluxe is one of the best out there ... lots of sound shaping options, and built like a tank. One review I read of my Ibanez WD7 wah, was that it's "poor mans version" of your Fulltone.

Re: NPDs

I use the auto wah differently than the Clyde.  I’ll play a phrase like the lead riff from Superstition with the auto wah to put a keyboard-like effect on the guitar.  I couldn’t possibly nail all those notes with a regular wah while singing. 

I haven’t played the Ibanez but I ripped through wahs before the Clyde. I still have a few at home.  The Clyde has such a breadth of tone and as you said is build like a Sherman.     

Re: NPDs

Looking forward to hearing the new toys in battlefield conditions.     

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