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I wrote this yesterday after talking to a lady who works in our local supermarket.  I have known Jenny for years in this place. She always chats away when I go through the checkout with my groceries. 

JENNY -  13.11.18 

I walked into the local super market today
Grabbed a few things I needed, then off to pay
As my turn came to put the items on the counter
Jenny served me, it was a sad encounter

She told me she had bowel cancer
Told me having chemo
She had one more session to go
Before they decide what to do

Most likely an op seemed to be the best shot
But they had found shadows on her lungs too
That they can`t treat, not much they can do

As Jenny told me all this
She carried on serving me
The till beeping as it priced items
An otherwise normal day

As my groceries where packed and paid for
We said our goodbyes and adieus
I looked at Jenny and said
I`ll be praying for you

With a smile she thanked me
As I left the store
What a brave woman
And I thought Lord, not another sad 

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Jandle that is very sad  sometimes when we hear peoples bad news. Even though the jenny's in our lifes are acquaintances through shopping or whatever when they tell us their bad news we feel it like we would with someone who we know better. You wrote that real good and here I am reading your words thinking Lord not another one also. It is a good reminder to enjoy every day and take a moment for those people who serve us in shops or whatever and value them because when you hear they are not going to be there no more it is an emotional thing.     

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Jan. When I read your intro and the first few lines of your poem I was so happy, then as I got further down my shoulders sagged and I felt really teary. The human body is so trail and prone to so many illnesses and unfortunate accidents. Then we go and kill millions more in war and terrorism.
A brilliant piece of observation and writing. Add my prayers to yours.     

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Well written Jan

I myself am struggling today as my brother passed away yesterday - blood clots and lung cancer.

Many people fighting brave battles but falling to this treacherous foe of Cancer


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my condolences to you and your family, Jim     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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this is an amazing piece of observation and writing!
Many years ago i read a story about the trolley man @ our supermkt
It announced he had died and told a little bit about his life,he had lived a difficult life.
I thought wow i used to take that guy for granted, a nobody.So i vowed i would never do that again.
As an example, now when i shop, it takes twice as long because of all the conversations i have.
I used to have a job where i was invisible to some people.
It tells you a lot about a person when they ignore the invisible people.
Their loss me thinks,often these people have amazing stories to tell.     

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Well written Jan, you made this old war horse tear up thinking about those lost to cancer.  Life goes on and we're none the wiser until we stop and really listen to  other people.     

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Jandle Well written and a sad poem.  I hope that as brave as she is will help her beat her problem.     

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It touched me deeply - my Mum passed away from Cancer about 15 years ago, it was a happy/sad time as I'd just started dating my (now) wife, and just recently I was contacted by our old neighbour (from when I was about between 5 and 12) asking after my Mum, and I had to tell her Mum had passed. Kinda touched a raw nerve ...


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Re: Jenny

My condolences to you and your family, Jim

Re: Jenny

Just want to thank each and everyone of you for the lovely comments and feedback.  I appreciate each and everyone of them. 

Jim sorry for the loss of your brother,  such a terrible disease which takes far to many people, young and old alike.

neo, sorry that  your mum was taken by this terrible disease as well.     

Laugh Lots ... Forgive Much ...  Love one another     smile
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Re: Jenny

Don't know how I missed this one, Jandle, but it is sooooo good. Your willingness to share her emotional pain is a risk many of us don't / won't expose ourselves to ... good on ya!     

Re: Jenny


So much of what we write is self-centered. It's about what happens to us, not what happens to others. This poem of yours offers the rest of us an insight we might not otherwise experience, even if we were to meet face-to-face. Your words have given me a new hope that people will care about us if we tell them it's okay to do that.

Thank you, Jan, and Jim we send our sincere condolences to you and yours on the passing of your brother. If and when you are moved to do so, maybe you will favor us with a song in which you write about him.

Your friend


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