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we've discussed this before i think, most of us oldies do not like "rap"?

most Sundays Ann and myself go to our local Rail mens club, sorry i know it should be rail persons, which has a show on every Sunday night. So, most Sundays they have vocalists that use backing tracks but last Sunday we were treated to a vocal/guitarist for a change. Ann and I are about the youngest there at 67!!! so there was a little bit of grumbling going on, but we were chuft. Any road up, the guy played Queen's "This thing called love" and it was very good, but I realised that the singers sing it almost every week but in the Michael Buble style which is swing, so I realized I don't like swing and big band music along with modern jazz, opera, rap and that dance music where DJ's steal real musicians efforts and make it into bat guano.

Am I alone here? 

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No Phill your not alone .However  rap and dance can be adapted to give some great songs. Donna Summers hot stuff and the Beasty boys fight for your right are two good examples . I love playing the guitar break in our version of hot stuff  .     

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Grah, wasn't Donna Summers disco? That's a different kettle of oysters     

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Yeah  I'm mixing my genres I generalised about dance.     

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We all have music styles we like / don't like. That doesn't invalidate them, and we're fortunate that there's so much else on the menu. Except onions ... they can remove onions from all foods! lol     

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Even though there are some genres I don't generally like, I always seem to find an outlier artist or two that I really enjoy. Maybe I gravitate to talent regardless of genre, not sure.

- Not huge into rap but Matisyahu is fantastic. He uses lots of live instruments and sings a lot. His lyrics are inspiring and uplifting. Here he does some singing, some beatboxing, and some reggae:

- Not into heavy metal but I think System of a Down is fantastic and singer/writer Serj Tankian is one of the most gifted composers I've ever heard.     

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I thought I liked "Rap" when I first heard The Sugarhill Gang :

THEN I thought I liked "Rap" when I heard this guy:

And lastly, I laughed and rode my bicycle to the cadence of these guys:

I never knew it was going to be turned into a "Protest Art Form" featuring lyrics my wife would divorce me over. Also, it is my belief that here is one example of words which can kill.

If you listened to any of my above examples, did you catch the "common thread" running through them?

Right: Funny, musical and ....... SATIRICAL.

I majored in Satirical English Lit in college, so I like to think I know whereof I speak. Matter of fact, I majored in everything lit in college.:)

So, that's my story about the rap "genre" and why I grew not to like it.

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Re: music styles i don't like

Baldguitardude ............ I liked that one of Matisyahu One day/No Woman no cry  .............. awesome!!!     

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