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Topic: Lime In De Coconut

Mr. BGD,

Along with Zurf and Lady Amy, you may have created a "sonic" monster! I am having so much fun with the Snowball, the guitar and soon the amp! The accoustic will be amped as soon as I can find the correct pickup, Z.

https://soundcloud.com/user-830135866/l … de-coconut

I don't want to give the impression I am fishing for compliments (truly, I hear nothing complimentary unless y'all think it's me having a good time), so what I would like to do is maybe just get y'all to go to my section of SC every now and then and see what's new and comment as you see fit - or don't - it's fine.

A thing about the "funny" stuff. With all the errors, I just thought it was easier to sing and play funnily for now.

There are about 5 songs I want to do for you which are serious in nature, but those need serious practice as they involve more than 2 or 3 chords, so they will be in the future and include Jim's "Soul Stability" (I haven't forgotten, brother!:) ).

Anyway, a little bit of trivia to go along with "Coconut". If you've ever heard Nilsson's original version, you may have heard someone in a high-pitched voice singing "Dooooctor!". That was Harry's friend John Lennon.

Love You Guys and Ladies!


PS: Let it run after that last chord to hear the forceful exhalation indicating I made it through that last take! smile

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Re: Lime In De Coconut

Now let me get dis straight yu put da lime in da coconut.   Bill I luv  da the way yu  do yu ting.  Dat shot at dat song cool Bruver Yu done know how to make tings fun.

Re: Lime In De Coconut

Bill that is by far just perfect. Really smooth in playing and your singing was great. So proud of you.     

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Re: Lime In De Coconut

Glad you’re enjoying it. It was just collecting dust at my house - keep it going man!     

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Gidday Bill
Your first song was good,this one is not just a step forward, but  several steps forward.
You`re coming to terms with recording and your confidence  is growing.
As for advice,well who am i to offer advice?But all i can say is, do songs that work for you.
Try everything, but your favourite songs may not be the type of song that you do best.
rock on!     

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Re: Lime In De Coconut

Bill , a great song, and you did it well, your coming along with great leaps     

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Re: Lime In De Coconut

Nicely done Sir William!!

Enjoyed it - you done it justice for sure!

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I don't understand it! I left a reply, in fact the second post, but it's gone..?.strange, though my WiFi has been playing silly beggars of late! I shall try and remember what I wrote.

I've loved Nilson since a friend played me the point way back. You've done a great job Bill...well done, I remember commenting on your ad-lib "had enough yet" answer...no, more please     

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Re: Lime In De Coconut

Peatle Jville wrote:

Now let me get dis straight yu put da lime in da coconut.   Bill I luv  da the way yu  do yu ting.  Dat shot at dat song cool Bruver Yu done know how to make tings fun.

lol lol lol

Seriously though, Bill, you've embodied the fun of this song with your playing style & singing. (insert standing ovation here) Well done, indeed!