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Here's a new folk song I uploaded, I wrote it 1 or 2 years ago...
Hope you'll enjoy it.

This song is about not judging someone too quickly, don't necessary follow what the media say or want you to think, just think by yourself whether you like someone/something or not...



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This may be a little older but it new to us. You have a very good clear singing vooice and a good song too. Nicely done.     

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I love hearing new chordie songs,but i`m not so keen on people who don`t contribute
to chordie other than saying hey look i wrote a song have a listen to me.
I enjoy having a conversation with chordians.
Some generous chordians have given me support and i`m more than happy to support them back.
There`s some wonderful songs coming out of chordie,if you don`t bother i guess it`s your loss.
bye the way merry christmas     

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Curt  I love your use of guitar and recorder.  Your lyrics and vocals work good.     Humans  often see what we want to see  Our  eyes sometimes only  see  what the mind is prepared to comprehend. Though I try not to be judgemental sometimes I find my perception of a person changes once I actually get to know them.

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Nice song, Curt ... thanks for sharing it. What you say about the media is very true, and they're usually so biased and selective that it's repulsive.

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Great   message  there   Curt I  would  however  like  to  here   the  live  version with  the  harmonica    rather  than  the  flute  I  think  it  would  give  a  more   folksy  feel  ,ina  sort  of  Neil Young  flavour  . Well  done  keep   them coming .     

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Nicely done, vocally, instrumentally.  Well done to you.     

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