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Topic: Life Is Fun

This is a poem I wrote about a friend of mine  funeral yesterday and also about her Mother and one of her sons who passed on before her.  It is  a  summation of part of their family story over seven plus decades.                                                                 
                                                                                                       Life Is Fun

Life Is Fun written on your T Shirt.
Sums up your life now.
At your sons funeral you wore this T Shirt.
It was your message to everyone celebrate his life.
You and your two sons made it fun.
A celebration  not a sad funeral all very appropriate.
You were a baby in Latvia during world war two.
Your mother escaped with you to New Zealand.
She saw and experienced horrors on your journey to here.
Now we are here life is fun was her message to you.
The message she  passed down to you and your three sons.
Life is fun.
Then your grandchildren entered this world.
What did they learn, life is fun.
Last year you got the bad news your time left is short around here.
You didn’t waste time singing the Blues.
Songs of joy for you.
You put on your LIFE IS FUN Tshirt and told the family your news.
You told your family it will be okay even though your body was fading away.
Don’t worry about me we will come through this like we have before.
Just another door to pass through as we have done before.
Early this year your Mum passed away and once again out came your Tshirt.
Now we are here today to say farewell to you.
Lots of fun and laughter talking about you.
Right behind where they have laid you  on a coathanger is hung a Tshirt.
On it in big letters is written.

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Brilliant  BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

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Wow she sounds like an amazing lady, nicely written Peatle     

Laugh Lots ... Forgive Much ...  Love one another     smile
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That's really quite special, Peatle ... very moving. Isn't it a privilege to know people who have the inner strength to roll with whatever comes their way? My condolences for the loss of your dear friend.     

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in life we are born, we live, we die...it's the first two that count the most. his mum had the right litany on life....have fun, i guess the rest will look after itself.
nicely written and once again ...observed.     

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Cheers and thank you everyone for your kind comments.
I should also mention that even though they are a very positive family and fun to be around they do grieve in their own way. Her son said to me something along lines of what follows here.  In the moments after Mum died at the hospice I held her hand for the last time. I felt she had gone to a good place and was at peace. When they took her away I felt a bit conflicted in my emotions, couldn’t help thinking why am I feeling happy when at this time I should be crying and sad. We all left the Hospice and went to Mums house. Everyone headed into the lounge while I went into the kitchen and fed her cat. When I entered the lounge all the seats apart from one  were taken and people were sitting on the floor. I looked over at my mothers favourite chair it was the  only chair  no-one was sitting on. It was then I burst out into tears knowing she would never sit there again. As a family it will be at her house our family home that we will have our mournful moments. Having to sell her house and empty it out is going to be hard as that is where many of our good and some sad family memories are.
EB,  the poem more or less wrote itself.
Jandle,   She was an amazing lady.
TF,  they are a special family and have  a natural way of rolling  along well when they tackle family  hardship in their positive way.
Thank you for your condolences.
Phill,  your absolutely right the most important emphasize should be on birth and life.