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So excited! Wife and I are flying up to Iowa to see my favorite band, Tedeschi Trucks.  The show is tonight and we are way up front.

As if that wasn’t enough to look forward to,  I get to see Tedeschi Trucks band again next month in DC with Zurf and the lovely Mrs Zurf. … xaineCMv38 

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The link for the band is so very good. I hope  both of you enjoy the trip to see them. My wife and I drove three hours once to hear Bob Dylan and Paul Simon who each performed for an hour and then they did another hours together.     

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Thanks for the link - they sound great!! Enjoy the show ...     

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Hope you had a good time, BGD. In some ways they remind me of the band Wilco. My fishing buddy Greg is a huge fan of theirs.     

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First time I have heard of them BGD excellent I enjoyed hearing them.     

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Thanks all.  We got out of Iowa just before the snow.

Wow. What a show.  Can’t say enough good stuff about these guys and gals.