Topic: DADGAD???? GAD!!!!! Here's ANOTHER Alternative Tuning

Having just come from Tenement Funster's answer to me about alternative tuning (DADGAD in his "Flying Fingers" presentation), it made me think about someone else who used another tuning, not out of variance, but necessity. His name was Richie Havens (1943-2013) who some of you may remember as having performed at Woodstock. ("Freedom/Moherless Child")

This article will explain the "necessity" mention in the above paragraph. This is usually The Loremaster's purview, but I hope you will find it interesting reading nonetheless. … ng-madness 

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Re: DADGAD???? GAD!!!!! Here's ANOTHER Alternative Tuning

That is awesome, brought back many memories for me

I was at a steve Earle,Lucinda Williams last year at Woodstock - the roads getting in are not any better than 1969!
Still an awesome place  to visit! 

In 1974 I got to meet Richie Havens - a really cool guy and very nice.
Uncountable renditions of my buddies and I re-enacting Havens at Woodstock.
AS far as the tuning - all that is probably great for you musicians - I really don't have much of a clue.  smile

Thanks for the info brother!
Peace -

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