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I didn't want to "intrude" on Tenement Funster's Prog Rock Showcase, so I'm posting this here, even though these guys are considered "prog" (by me, anyway)

I spoke about the Hammond B3 organ in another topic, and although this isn't a B3 (L100, I believe), it has much of the sound of the original.

This is "Hocus Pocus" live with a flute solo by Thijs Van Leer. Notice how the lead guitarist steps in with the high notes on the vocals, and by the way - that's a left-handed drummer. Ringo describes himself as a "left-handed drummer" playing a right-handed kit". 

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Hey Bill ... here's your official "blank cheque" to intrude whenever you want to. wink

And you can't d better than "Focus" and this flagship song of theirs. Van Leer's yodeling really makes the song unique, and Jan Akkerman is a fantastic guitarist. I've got one of their tunes cued up for "Prog Wednesday" ... thanks for reminding me of them.     

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One of my favourite instrumental tracks along with Sylvia. Thijs s high voice has gone, maybe he's reached puberty?     

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Good  one Bill got a 20 year old sitting next to me watching and listening to your  Hocus Pocus attachment  who just told me that is brilliant and I agree.