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Topic: A Dr. Feelgood "Mini-Concert"

I'm only just learning about this band, so you folks across "the pond" are one up on me.

I stumbled onto this video while researching another British pub band called Johnny Kidd And The Pirates, who had a hit with the song "Shakin' All Over".

When I first saw this video, I was totally floored with the band's musicianship and presentation. They at first put me in mind of The Animals, but then I stopped and thought "No - because Eric Burdon and his band left that style of rhythm and blues and got more introspective with their material, whereas Lee Brilleaux and company stayed true to their R&B roots."

There's a whole new lineup of Dr. Feelgood, but this is the one which garners all the raves.


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Re: A Dr. Feelgood "Mini-Concert"

Fantastic R & R     Lead guitarist on 4th song is incredible.
Looks like a they came straight from work to play - love it --- singers attire speaks loudly !
Thanks for sharing -

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