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I have been practising making videos just using my laptop MP4 editor . I did this one the other day of a song I put together called Tune Will Come.  As usual song just  recorded on my cellphone. I guess I would describe it as a simple attempt  at  something sort of Prog Rock. 

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Reminded me of Barrett's experiments in early Floyd - and you've got an American twang at the end!!!



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Peatle Jville I truly believe you sing much better than most  and did a fantastic job with this song. Great post  and song.     

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Thank you  Richard I had Pink Floyd in my mind when I was trying to put the music together.
CG cheers I appreciate your kind words of encouragement..     

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Good observation about the early Floyd influence in your song, which came through clearly. Good work, mate!     

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Hi Pete, yes very Pink Floyd-ish, I think I detected some Beatles "Tomorrow never knows" -ish in there too. I can imagine this at full volume in the dark with the video running must be like an acid trip, never done any kind of drugs I hasten to add.     

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Note left on your YouTube channel...... I found this very inspirational and your sincerity came through loud and clear. Awesome production on the video as well! smile     

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Good stuff Peatle - very late 60ish early 70's to me, a  Psychedelic touch - great graphics !     

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Cheers Phill I did  have that idea in my head circulating of what I assumed the Beatles and Pink Floyd had when the psychedelic acid  trip thing was going on in their circles of influence.

Bill my friend I am glad the video worked. I like the idea of using simple and cheap tech to make something that is visual and hopefully  a soundtrack  that works..

Thank you Jim, I was trying to get that late 60's early  70's spaced out vibe some of the idea also  partly inspired by David Bowie.     

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TF  i was called away due to a circumstance out of my control as I was about to  thank you for your Prog Rock posts and Flying Fingers . These posts have inspired me to try differant things in music and also in the visual form.