Hi all.
My activity in here has been mostly limited to the poetry and song section.  I thought I would share this with my Chordie family.

Yesterday was my last anniversary that will have concluded 28 years.
We sat and talked and shared our last year together.  We have had a very rough year as my writings have shown. And this was the closure of it.  And we took it out in a style.
And with that I was able to write a long poem today at lunch.  I hope all will read it in the poetry section.

This is going to be a year of change, and I hope for the better for us both.  One I know if what is going on with me right now will last, and if it does, my next Chordiestock will have a new companion by my side.
As my quote says below, she is MY KIND OF STUPID big_smile
Thank you all who have kept up with me and called out of the blue to check on me.

Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection.  Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”-JH.
“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view” - DG
Its the little mistakes that become great. and when it falls in place, the feeling is  indescribable.


Stay strong bro.   You’re a great guy and friend     


Good luck.     

Granted B chord amnesty by King of the Mutants (Long live the king).
If it comes from the heart and you add a few beers... it'll be awesome! - Mekidsmom
When in doubt ... hats. - B.G. Dude


as one that has been there, i can say that the last rubber stamp that says "it's over" is the loudest noise you'll ever hear. chin up and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. pob hwyl     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.