Topic: Weekend update....... (I wish I could use a Chevy Chase voice)

It was a rainy weekend here in Seattle.
Finances are a bit tight, and no plans were made for the weekend.

Or so I thought.

Friday night was only eventful in that I fell into a cool riff.  I had a good time with this and took my time setting up the sound. I defiantly enjoyed having many different guitars to choose from.  But in the end, Bettie (My modified Squire Strat) won out seeing as how I was shooting for a Hendrix/Trower vibe.  I think I got there.  Looking up progressions in Autochords (dot com), the chorus section is right out of the 90s Breeders “Cannon Ball” however still slightly modified. (so hey it works! LOLOL). (See it in My local band and me )

Saturday was very much a lazy morning sleep in and chill in front of the bedroom tv. 
In the evening I had to take “SonBeam” to his moms.  On the way home I Detoured to my fav pub, (my new lady friend was with me also) and at the rock joint across the street I heard some Aerosmith jamming out the door.  Well it was a good tribute band, and the headliners were “DR CRUE” a very kick butt Tribute band! So an unplanned evening became a very good evening!

Sunday afternoon was spent trying to find a song Veronica (Ronnie) could sing with me on guitar. We decided on TAKE IT EASY from the eagles.  She had never used a microphone so to speak, I hooked one up to my spare amp, plugged up the TC Electronics vocal box, and had to let her get used to holding the mic so that it picked up her voice, and how to push her voice out to it.  After a few or more practices singing with You-tube on the mic, we started to get the feel of each other. And she started to not grasp the mic like her life depended on it   so that we didn’t beat the horse into the ground, we spent the rest of the day watching the very long EAGLES doc, The long Road.

A last note, as we were getting settled in bed, I was watching a VID ON MY Liquid chorus / delay.  She said, haven’t we had enough music for one day? I just looked at her…. And she answered herself “OH I guess there is no such thing?”

I smiled and said good night babe. LOLOLOLOL 

Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection.  Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”-JH.
“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view” - DG
Its the little mistakes that become great. and when it falls in place, the feeling is  indescribable.

Re: Weekend update....... (I wish I could use a Chevy Chase voice)

A great weekend doesn't have to be expensive, as you two have proven ... sounds like it was 100% enjoyable.