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Hey! I posted this before....had an idea about setting up a chair to use for guitar practice.    Would running guitar through a DI box get the job done?   Thanks. 

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It would work insofar as it would make the signal hotter but the tone may not be what you’re accustomed to.  So I think the utility would be pretty limited if you’re trying to replicate a stage tone.  If you’re just trying to have a guitar loud enough to practice on without respect for tone, I bet it would work.     

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is your chair equipped with a volume control/amp or passive?
Does your amp have a headphone out?  Run the jack from that to the chair via adaptors.  that would be your best bet.  OR a headphone amp depending on budget. … mplifiers/

I would go with the Berhinger. its a load options with great bang for the buck.   Or look up the Digitech RP 70 or 200 / 250. on e bay  lots of useable stuff for next to nothing with a headphone out.     

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