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i was listening to some Roy Orbison songs and he had some terrific songs, (i like the newer ones best) but his old ones are excellent too but there is a line from " in dreams" which goes i think; in dreams, you're mine. all of the time. i cringe each time i hear that. you may disagree or you may know of other songs with cringeworthy lines in otherwise brilliant songs, lets hear your thoughts. 

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Re: cringeworthy lyrics

Roy Orbison was great . Oh Pretty Woman, Crying, You Got It,  and the list of his songs goes on and on. He often covered over 3.1 octaves in a  song and not many can say  that.

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Re: cringeworthy lyrics

George Michael singing Somebody To Love. When he says I want to see every single pair of hands. A single pair just don't sound right.     

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