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Just  picked up  an old  mandolin  which I cant  identify . No  apparent makers  marks  ,I'd  say  from the  condition its  early  20th  century  .It has  a  flat  top  and  is  shaped  rather  like  a  traditional   Celtic   mandolin  ,the  body  has  straight  sides  which are  around  1 3/4  inches  deep  but  the  strange    feature  is    the  back  is  semi  bowl shaped    with  triangular  marquetry   inlays  in black  and  natural  wood  with  a  central hole  about  3/16 " in diameter . The  front  has  an inlaid  scratch board  with  a  flower pattern  ,rose  wood  finger board  and  open   tuners  like a classical guitar  . There  also  appears  to  be  some   green /white  flower  pattern paper  stuck  inside    but  as  i  said  no  makers  marks . I've  made  an extensive  search  to  no  avail  , I  will  post  some  pics  when I  get  home  to  see  if  any  one  can help  before  I  start  any  restoration . 

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Can’t wait to see!     

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Found the letters drgm and warg on the tuners and this article on   Google … 97922.html     
So I think this dates it pre 1952 possibly made in Germany

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Looks similar to this

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This also is similar … many-1950s     

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This article shows a mandolin by a company called migma  the inlays on the front look very similar