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I had a TW for a little over a year. I use it on my 1992 Simon and Patrick. Sounds great. I’d put my S&P up against any other for richness of the sound. The Tonewood Amp just blows me away by bringing a whole new dimension to my playing. 

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hi Spike, welcome "finally" to Chordie forums. thanks for telling us about your amp, it would also be nice to hear about who you are what and  where you play etc. you are also invited to ask and give advice. see you soon?     

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Re: Tonewood Amp

For those who are not familar with Tonewood amps it is a device that magenetically attaches to the back of your accoustic guitar (I have one) the onboard effects include reverb, delay, tremolo and a few others it uses 3 batteries and I would suggest rechargable due to the cost of replacing them but on the bright side it has a wonderful sound dimension it adds to your accoustic guitar. the price is around $190.00 US dollars.     

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