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Heres  a  new  one  Isolation blues  Played  on my  Larivee Co5 ,I  dont  often take  it  out but  it  was  feeling  isolated

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another cracker Grah. Just been on the doorstep, 8.00pm Thursday, organised applause for the NHS, they're doing a difficult and frightening job and they deserve all the help, gratitude and love we can give them.     

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Weve just  posted  a  vid  Phill , if this  pandemic  teaches us  one  thing  its  that  we  need a  socialist  government  that   takes  care  of the  NHS.Both  my  wife  and  I  have  been   saved  by  the  NHS  over  the last  few  years .     

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Well thought out lyrics Graham, unfortunately all to relevant at the moment. I also did the applause bit for our fantastic NHS. Stay safe everyone.     

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I'm feelin' them blues - stay safe all!!



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Graham - great song on a sensitive subject !

That is cool clapping for NHS -   yesterday our high school band teacher and his family went to some members of the band's house's - met them outside - and played the U.S. National anthem for our small town to hear.   They played a little under a dozen places around town. . I videotaped them outside of my house. It was very cool and inspiring.
Hoping you all are safe and healthy.

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