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Teddy Bear
Today i put a teddy in my window
I had to search to find him
Hes a bear thats been in hibernation
for 50 years or more
but there he sits
looking out the window
waiting for you to pass by
If you see him , give him a wave
cause he`s been waiting just for you
I hope he makes you smile
as you walk the neighbourhood
waving to all his teddy friends. 

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Re: Teddy Bear

Good stuff - could have some deep meaning there!

Good to hear from you !

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Re: Teddy Bear

Good one EB. For those who don't know all over New Zealand teddy bears and their soft toy mates are looking out of windows..The trend, which has become popular all around the world during the coronavius pandemic, is aimed at cheering up children as they get some fresh air in their neighbourhoods.     

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Re: Teddy Bear

Also paintings, by kids, of unicorns. They're meant to thank and brighten up the lives of those that must work to keep us safe, or forced, isolationists alive. Big thank to our NHS, stay safe.

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Re: Teddy Bear

Thanks for the explanation Peatle, we've been at home for 2 weeks now, so I took the kids to the local park today (only saw about 10 people in the hour we were there, and we all kept well away from each other). After that we took a drive to the beach and back to give the car a bit of a run, and saw a lot of teddy bears on gates and in windows; I told the kids I'd seen something on Facebook about it (but I don't really _read_ FB, kinda just flick through), so I'm glad I can tell them what it means now smile

And thanks for posting the poem/song lyrics EB!!



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