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I am trying to continue to post active blues people in a different world then we had before.

This week I posted Darren Watson is a New Zealand blues singer, songwriter and guitarist and he is still current and playing.  I hope to still find current people.

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Darren Watson lives in the next suburb to Peatle and i.In a small country like NZ well known people
are just part of our community.We don`t get that star struck thing that seems prevalent in other countries.
Because they lead real lives i guess we get real music.     

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CG thank you that is good to see a kiwi  blues artist given exposure on your Friday blues.  He has a new album coming out soon.  He also is a guitar teacher. If anyone is interested in learning how to play the Delta Blues he has free tuition videos on youtube. I will attach one as there might be people who are at home who want to have a go due to being in lockdown at home.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_0t4yxzE48