Topic: Dont put your cat in the washer

Funny  song  for  a  miserable Monday 

Re: Dont put your cat in the washer

Graham  - MEEEEOOOOWWWW !! That is first rate tongue in cheek comedy put craftily into a great song !  Some very clever lyrics and a superb melody.  Well played my friend! Thanks for sharing this and making the week start off on a purrrrrrrrfect manner !  I love it.   Jim

p.s.  when I was 9 I put our family cat in the washer -  luckily my mom caught it before it started. She was not amused with me at at all and I got a little more than a sock in the puss.     

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Re: Dont put your cat in the washer

Naughty  boy   Jim, I  bet  the  cat  gave  you  a  wide  birth after .lol Oh   I'll  have  a  go at  that  song  you sent  this  week .