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Found  this    on my  hard  drive  from a  few  years  ago .A  cover  of   Captain Beef hearts  Drop out  Boogie  I  did  with  a  band  called  Definietly  Not for an album which  didnt  get  released ,as  we split  up  after  a  fall  out  at  a gig  when the  drummer  decided   half  way  through the  night   he  needed  to  go home  to  feed  the  dog . … ogie-cover 

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Sounds good ... haha drummers are a special type of person ...



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IMHO, it's the best feeling in the world playing with a live band. you did a great job here. is that a Cry Baby? i used to have one but traded it for a mini monitor, worst trade i ever made and i've done some bad ones.     

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No  Phill its was  a Beringer hell babe , going into a boss  be 5  and  finally  a  marshall  JCM 2000  half stack  .
Im just  compiling a  best  of  album incase  I  dont  see the other side  of lock down .LOL     

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Good stuff there Graham !  Really got it going !!

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