Topic: The BOX pt 2

the BOX pt 2
They had been under siege now for several months
the freezing weather had kept the invaders at bay
but that was about to change,as spring had arrived
warming the invaders optimism
the defenders could see holding out for more than a few more weeks
unlikely,as food had long since run out along with the mens health and will.
their leader decided to dispatch his most loyal man with the BOX.
being the leader he had inherited the BOX from generations gone before.
he had no intention of losing it on his watch.
the plan was to create a distraction so the courier could slip through the
invaders line under the cover of darkness.
the precious cargo was to be buried in their spiritual place,little knowing that
the contents would be explosive and world changing in many hundred years time. 

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Re: The BOX pt 2

Part two the mystery of the unearthed  box going good. Takes me back to the days when I was a kid when we would gather around  the radio and listen to another instalment of a  story on the radio every week.