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Maree and I use to help out at a Salvation Army drug and alcohol rehab centre. One man I  got to know who was  in the rehab told me one day about his twenty six year old son tracking him down in a dodgy pub he frequented. Years later I met his son who also told me about that meeting. This is me writing about it from how I heard both their stories  of the event. I decided to write it as though I’m the father.

Thrown Of Line.

Sitting at a bar on the wrong side of the city.
Feeling like a flea bitten dog. 
My head full of smog.
Scratching at something that tickled.
After all these years a muddy still pond has rippled.
In amongst the stench of stale beer.
This young man walks in here.
Twenty years on he runs into me.
No hatred no sympathy.
Young man beer in hand.
Of all the places in this land
Beer and here.
Last time together.
He was just six.
My mud sticks.
My bad tricks.
About to haunt me.
With no challenge.
Just a shake of the hand.
He looks me in the eye.
Unaware I’m high.
Yet in that moment I knew I was living a lie.
Time to tell the truth.
Once before I die.
I know your my old man.
He  says to me with outreached hand.
With no where to hide.
I let him sit by my side.

Reflections of my time a train track.
With carriages thrown of line.
It should be just me doing the time.
It should be just me doing the time.

I want my head to be clear like a mountain stream.
Cocaine driving me insane.
Booze the empty glass.
Head hanging at half mast.
Cigarettes killing my throat.
Around me a swirling moat.
More dirt than water to keep me afloat.
The hunt for applause no longer important.

Reflecting back on my time.
With carriages thrown of line.
It should be just me doing the time.
It should be just me doing the time.

Son  love your mother.
She protected you from me.
She gave you certainty.
She gave you her soul.
I never fulfilled my roll.
It must have taken its toll.
It is true .
Its nothing new
Why have respect for me.
Last time I saw you .
You were six and your brother was three.
Your baby sister as pretty can be.

Carriages thrown of line.
It should be just me doing the time.
It should be just me doing the time.

I drank from the devils well.
Made your mothers life hell.
Go out and live your life well.
Kid you don't have to respect me.

Carriages thrown of line.
It should be just me doing the time.
It should be just me doing the time.

Shake my hand  son I'm nearly done.
I'm still on the run.
My life is a mess.
Say goodbye and wish me God Bless.

Carriages thrown of line.
It should be just me doing the time.
It should be just me doing the time. 

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A very moving piece Pete. It brought back memories and fears. I've never taken drugs but I was a heavy drinker...long, long ago due to the friends I had I expect. Now I warn my kids and grandkids to think about the consequences of what they're about to do as everything we do when we're young comes back to haunt us later in life. It's not easy to be an onlooker either as a nasty drunk or an out of control addict can destroy and affect lives. Another great observation well reported.     

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As Phill has said, very moving and powerfull big_smile

My father was what I would call a "functional" alcoholic, but one none the less.  He did not go down this type of path, but it did destroy his marriage and caused some issues for my brothers more so than me.  I just learned to be observant and know when to keep to my self.  He has been sober for quite some time now.
( I really cant remember how many yrs).

My present GF, went to rehab a week after I met her.  I had no clue she would have needed to.  I just thought Man This chick can hold her wine!  It has been awesome for her! It has also by proxie put a big dent in my intake, and thats not bad at all.

Cheers and great writing!

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Re: Thrown Of Line.

fantastic observation on life,im gonna have to watch myself around you.     

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Cheers Phill, Beamer and EB. I enjoy having a beer with friends and try  to make it to our local at least once a week. Also I have friends who don’t drink so I do different things with them it is a bit like having separate ways of socializing. Having family members and friends who are  alcoholics and ex drug addicts makes me aware that not everyone can touch alcohol.   Here in NZ it is Dry July it  is a fundraiser that challenges you to go alcohol-free for a month and raise funds for New Zealanders affected by cancer. Instead of going dry I am sponsoring a friend who is. The thing with addicts and alcoholics if their not functioning their choices hurt more than themselves. With addicts they are people who come from all sorts of backgrounds some good some bad. One of the reasons I stopped playing music about forty years back was due to all the drugs and heavy drinking around the groups I  was involved in at the time.

Re: Thrown Of Line.


Fantastic storyline - very well written.
It is sad that peoples lives get ruined by alcohol and drugs.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful observation


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Re: Thrown Of Line.

Cheers Jim it is sad how drugs and alcohol can ruin life's. Even in our beautiful country with a laid back way of life we cant escape people making bad choices which destroys them and their families and helps create crime to pay for their addictions.  Now days there is this terrible  storm ripping  through our communities Methamphetamine use and addiction hitting all sectors of society rich and poor. I will attach me doing Thrown Of Line on YouTube for anyone that is interested in hearing   it.