Topic: How to comment on a song?

I'd like to know how to post a comment on a song.  At the bottom of the song page there is a notice saying "Experienced users are allowed to post comments - check forum for details".  How does one become "experienced"?

Was looking for "Maybe You're Right" by Cat Stevens and found instead a song of the same title by Barenakedladies in its place in Cat's Mona Bone Jakon album.  Wanted to comment on this fact (and perhaps prompt someone to post the actual Cat Stevens song) but ran into that roadblock.  Oh well.... at least I feel a bit better now having posted the error here. 

Re: How to comment on a song?

Thank you and welcome to Chordie forum.
As others will tell you Chordie doesn't actually host the songs you see ( unless they are original songs posted by our members) all songs are hosted on other sites and Chordie works as a search engine to collect and list them. You've done the right thing by bringing up this error and maybe someone on here knows the song and can help you to get it.     

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Re: How to comment on a song?

Hello and welcome from me too.

I was going to suggest that you check at the bottom of the song to see who actually hosts the song and to contact them about the error. However, on checking myself I see it is hosted at 'chordiearchive'  so I have contacted Per (Chordie's originator) to let him know of this error.

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