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Has anyone used a programme to display and scroll song sheets on an android tablet? I know that there is one available for an iPad that will also play a backing track which will control the speed of the scroll, but I was looking for something similar for android.

Your recommendations and help appreciated.


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I have an ipad - I never knew that - what's it called so I can download it ?
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How did you come to reside there ?

Good luck on your search for the android


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Re: Song sheets

are you looking for covers aor something specific?  Ultimate Guitar will scroll.  even for free memberships.  i like paying because i like the extra feartures of the site     

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Re: Song sheets

TIGLJK wrote:

I have an ipad - I never knew that - what's it called so I can download it ?

Jim, I use OnSong on the iPad, - it's feature full, and about the best app I've seen in this class. Have a look through some of the tutorials on their site.



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Re: Song sheets

My friends use SongSheet pro - Chord Charts, and, if it was not on an iPad, I would have this. I was hoping for something similar for android.


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