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Topic: Song Writer

It is  a beautiful sunny winter morning down here in NZ. Turned on the radio after listening to three  songs turned it of so I could just enjoy the quiet and nature outside my window. Picked up a pen and paper and wrote this.

Song Writer.

Why would I want to be a songwriter.

When its the sad songs that sell.

I guess I could lead the crowd.

We could all sing lets be sad together.

Lets be sad together.

On a dark night in the spotlight.

People waving lights.

Thousands singing lets be  sad together.

All in great delight.

Waving arms and dancing.

A sea of arms in the air.

Cell phone lights shining bright.

Entranced in a mantra.

Lets be sad together.

Lets be sad together.

Their spirits all hyped up.

Negative voices filling the night with delight.

Do these negative lyrics filling  my head.

Make me feel better.

Or do they make me feel worse.

Or are they a subliminal curse.

Woke up this morning listened to the radio.

Three negative songs in a row.

Lets be sad together.

Lets be sad together.

Peoples mental health not given much wealth.

A stream of sad.

Does it make them happy or is it  driving them mad.

Lets be sad together.

Lets be sad together.

Why would I want  to be a song writer.

If its sad thoughts that keep me up all night.

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Re: Song Writer

Ha  - Good one Peatle

I hope it wasn't my last post where I wrote - " another sad song" that triggered your thinking smile

You always have such keen insights !

On a side note - I'm glad its winter there and not here!  It was sunny and 84 here today - beautiful day in the great northeast


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Re: Song Writer

Cheers Jim your comment as an introduction to your last song "Rain Of Mercy" did help me think about sad songs in this poem. Then turning on radio hearing three  sad songs in a row got my mind ticking again.  This Monday morning its between 55 and 59 degrees in your temperature scale around here  or 13 to 15 in ours.
Hope you have a good week.

Re: Song Writer

Once again you find a theme for a great song. Not I love you or you broke my heart but a song or poem about our fascination with songs that make a person want to slit their wrists.

13 to 15 is considered a warm day here! Two days of over 20 equals thunderstorms.

Keep on keeping on my friend     

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Re: Song Writer

ITS what we channel the pain with!  good poem.  Really liked it.  So much if it in the air these days.     

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Re: Song Writer

Cheers Phill and Beamer thank you for your comments. I try to look at everyday things from a different angle but at times I am not sure if it works or let alone make sense.