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I’ve been playing a lot lately every day, practicing hybrid picking, and have been going through strings like crazy. It seams like I could change strings every 2 weeks or so. I wash my hands before I play but it doesn’t seam to help much, or maybe it’s the soap residue that’s killing my strings. I’ve used D’addario 10s for ever.

I tried Elixir strings a long time ago on my acoustic and loved the way they last but didn’t care for the way they sounded duller to me. I see now that there are multiple types of Elixir strings and I just put a set of Polyweb 9’s on my No1. I noticed when changing strings that with the coating 9’s appeared no smaller than the tens I was removing. In fact, the wound strings appeared slightly thicker. That said they definitely play easier, and bend easier. They do sound slightly different but not in a bad way. So far I’m very impressed, I’ll know in a month if I’m still this happy with them I’ll probably switch all of my guitars to them.

Have you tried these strings?
Which type?
What’s your experience with them? 

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Hi Newby, welcome to Chordie. you probably have a very high pH level on your fingers which will take off the shine and dull the ring of your strings. This will happen with just about every make you can get. I knew a guitarist that removed his strings regularly, boiled them then used an oil coating to preserve the tone. To be honest I don't know if that works so I just get cheaper end strings: Martin's or d'dario for acoustic and Fenders for electric. I would recommend a heavier guage string for acoustic which will hold their tone longer.     

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I  used   Elixir om my  Telecaster  for  a  few  years  and  found  fret  wear  quite  high   Ive  since  gome  back  to Ernie  Balls     

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I use Elixirs on my Maton acoustic, just switched over to Nanoweb 10's after buying a pack of fake Polywebs .... I think I prefer these ... YMMV



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I love elixir strings, and this is my favorite electric guitar set. I've been using them for 15 years and never desired to try anything different. While they're a tad more expensive than other strings, it balances it with needing to change them less often. They have a nice clear but also warm tone.