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Phill contacted Pete and me a couple of weeks ago with an idea.
he wanted us to write and record a few spoken poems.
Phill did his magic and this is the result 

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Well Done Gentleman !!!   Excellent stuff!    Phill - Marvelous compilation - perfectly mastered.  Music is a fine match to the spoken poetry. Very moving - powerful words.   Fantastic production Boys !!!   Jim     

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Cheers EB it was a good challenge this collaboration. Thank you to you and Phill for letting me part of it.  I liked the way Phill put it all together. The music and the singing worked great also I loved hearing some beautiful Welsh,  Cymraeg as part of the project. Hope our fellow chordies take time to check out the video and give us some feedback. I also enjoyed the way we got to tell our stories on this rock theatre musical piece' about the human spirit  and also the legacy of those who have passed on.

Thank you Jim for your feedback.

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I enjoyed working with some great talent and respected friends from hobbit land. It was an interesting and challenging project, I just wish more of our chordie friends had taken the time look and listen.

Thanks Brian and Pete.     

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