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Dont  know  if  its  just  me  thats  stupid    but  it  just  occured   to me  that  if   I  strung my  mandolin  in reverse E A D G then the  chords  would  be  the  same   as  my  guitar  of course the  thick  strings  would  be  at  the  bottom   where  as  on the  guitar  it  would  be  at  the  top . Just  thought  its  a  way   for  non mando  players  to  strum   a  mando  with  out  learning  new  chords . 

Re: Mandolin tuning discovery

good to know Graham
I actually bought a Mandolin about three years ago b/c it was at a lawn sale and I got it ridiculously cheap. It is beautiful - but I don't know how to play it - and I never have tried outside the first day I brought it home. It still sits in the case.   Maybe I will try using the restring.


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Re: Mandolin tuning discovery

I picked up an Oscar Shimidt  mandolin for 100 bucks in brand new shape this summer I love the sound and I got a pickup for it which works great too, the thing that makes the mandolin stand out is the tuning it is the same as a violin and the chord sounds are unique and make the bluegrass and folk songs really sparkle. The work-around tuning is ok but you are depriving yourself of the uniqueness of the instrument tuned in 5ths sound in my opinion only smile     

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Re: Mandolin tuning discovery

I have  mine  tuned  normally  Russell     as  I've  played  mando  for  years , I  just  realised    about  the  reverse  tuning  last  night  while  I  was  messing  around .  I  agree  with  your  comments  though  ,just  pointing  out    for  any  one  who    wants  to  do  the  odd  mando  piece   without  learning  something  new