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Not only have I now had my 3rd vocal lesson, My instructor is so cool that she has helped me change my song into a better key for my voice.  By no means am I magically better. Just the 4 weeks has made a really big improvment! 
Heaven or Hell is still in G and I have a vocal melody to follow. OH! We now have 2 brakes and a bridge!

Truth be told, this is the very first song I have written with a bridge.  Im being slowly spoon fed correct theory and comosition.

We always go overtime so i gave her a $15.00 tip and some fresh baked cookies my daughter had made.

I asked her if all her students asked her to do arrangement on their songs.  She said "not really"  most i am asuming are younger and just wanting to sing to the radio. -so to speak-

I made the changes in my song version and bounced it to the top.  Maybe you all would like to check it out. 

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Good one Beamer