Topic: lies.

This is me extracting the urine from myself. All done tongue in cheek of course.

Lies.          Phill Williams. 22/11/20.

My breath don't smell.
My head don't ache.
My teeth are white.
I'm never late.
I was great at school.
I read lots of books.
The girls all loved me.
I had all the looks.
I've got lots of cash.
I've got charisma to spare.
With my dashing good looks.
I don't need to care.
I've got big blue eyes.
I've got savoir faire.
I can melt a girls heart.
Panache to spare.
I can sing like a bird.
Got come to bed eyes.
And if you knew me... you'd know.
I never say lies. 

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Re: lies.

Good one Phill
i feel humble to know someone as perfect as you.
i mean what are you going to get for xmas you have it all in spades.

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Re: lies.

Too funny Phill

Should have kept the title til the end.

I resemble those remarks!



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Re: lies.

Love the humor Phill gave me a good chuckle.