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Beamer recently posted a video of "Beartooth" - a Columbus, Ohio heavy metal band recording some of their songs in a folk/country style.  Here's a video of another band from the Columbus area, a bluegrass band named "Death by Banjo" playing a classic rock hit. Paul Brown, the banjo player hails from my hometown (Chillicothe, OH) and is a full-time dentist/part time musician. He can also blow you away with his fiddle playing. He's showed up and played in some local jam sessions I've participated in and words can't describe not only how talented a musician he is but also such a humble and nice guy.  I hope you enjoy video - it was recorded by someone in the audience during one of their performances.


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Re: Crossing Genres - Death by Banjo

Good  one DE that style of music is popular down here in New Zealand. Your man Paul Brown plays a good banjo plus the rest of  his  band play their parts well.     One of mine and Easy Beats mates is now doing some work with musicians who play that style of music and is finding it a fun style to play plus it keeps him on his toes.