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I picked up my guitar at 7.30 tonight and played 2 chords then this song came and was finished by 8.30. recorded by that a record?

Social Distance.Undefined

[C] I walked along the [F] street.

[C] No one within....[F] six feet.

[C] If you haven't got a [F] mask.

[G] They wont let you [G7] past.

Into the [C] shops.

Or into a [F] pub.

[C] Unless you want [F] grub.

[C] Cos alcohol is [F] bad – for you.

[G] A little drop to drink [G7] with your food.


And [F] who made [Am] Corona Virus?

[Dm] They say it came from the [G] East.

[F] Who made the [Am] anti-virus?

[G] Give it to me [G7] please.

I want to be [C] first in the [F] line.

[C] I'm getting old I [F] may not have time.

[C] All these Christmas shoppers [F] breathing on me.

[G] I don't want it, [G7] cant you see.


I wanna go [C] back to the [F] pub.

[C] Buy a drink at [F] half past one.

[C] Boris messed up [F] everything.

[G] Brexit, Covid and the [G7] price of gin.


Put on your [C] mask. Get yourself a [F] jab.

Keep yourself [C] safe before they put you on a [F] slab.

And most of [G] all....[G7] don't give it to [C] me.

Words & Music by Phill Williams. 12/12/2020


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i should have posted this in "song writing" nut i messed up because i posted to soundcloud first you'll find the link below. the song refers to covid and mentions bojo! and Christmas.

as a post script; i've learned 3 new words this year; covid, brexit and trump, 3 things that just wont go away

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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"I want to be first in the line, I'm getting old I may not have time" - well stated Phil and is now the anthem of us old farts.  You've captured the angst of waiting for this pandemic to end.  Well done sir!     

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Phill hope they roll out that vaccine soon. All those people running around with masks and keeping safe distances must be a hard way to live for all you good folk over there? Not been able to have a bevy with friends not much fun. One of  my friends here owns a couple of pubs over in the UK his sons  they are struggling to keep the business over there going  for him.     

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Hi Ed. Part of the reason I put that line is that there are pillocks that won't have the jab....and some of them work with old folk! They must think they'll grow an extra head over night, might double their intelligence?
Thanks for the review     

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Shwmae Pete. The worry I have with masks is that you're breathing in your own co2! I've seen people driving with them on, couldn't they conk out?
You wouldn't believe how many pubs and clubs have closed their doors permanently. Even more than when they banned smoking in pubs! I've never smoked and it affected my voice so I thought it was great till venues began closing.
As far as the virus is concerned, Wales is getting hammered now even after the two week fire break, most likely due to the cretins that ignored the safety rules.
Thanks mate, stay safe.
Kia ora     

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Re: social distance


Here is a funny story about masks.

I teach 8th graders and I have an autistic young man in my class.
About a week ago I happened to mention that it really stinks to have to wear these masks and hopefully soon it will be over.

Gio ( the boy) raises his hand and says " Mr. Kenyon, what really stinks is smelling my own breath inside this mask !" 
It was most comical - even though he was very serious!

Nice song Phill - cheery tune to a wicked situation - and it came out great -   masterful !
Living in New York State - Covid is running rampant - mostly due to people being idiots and not following proper covid protocols.
Many schools are now remote learning and probably heading towards all schools soon.

anyway, thanks for the sound - sounded great.
Hope you, Ann and your family ( as well as all our Chordie friends)  stay safe and healthy.


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Hi Jim. yep we're good hope you and your family are  good too. I loved the school story, I hope that didn't embarrass your pupil too much?

it's funny the chords came first, it's usually the words. I wanted to give the doubters a kick in the butt, as usual they are the ones that will keep this modern day black death hanging over our heads. it must be eradicated like measles and mumps, small pox etc. call me doctor     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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Season greetings everyone, Here in NZ we don't have Covid in the community as far as we know. Kiwi collectively all did the right things earlier on and we managed to stamp it out. Though like the rest of the world we have a few idiots.  I got this clip sent to me which  I thought was really good of our Prime minister answering children's questions about  their concerns around Santa and Christmas. Stay safe everyone.