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Topic: Understanding Andy And Flo

Even though he is not an ideal roll model there was a comic strip character called Andy Capp. For those who don’t know Andy Capp the nearest thing to him I can think of is Homer Simpson. When I was a kid many of  my school friends had dads who were town drunks and Andy Capp type characters which you don’t see here much in NZ today. Woman put up with a lot back then which they wouldn’t do today. I spent a bit of time today going through a friends collection of old Andy Capp comics when these words based loosely  on a kiwi version of Andy  Capp came into my head.

Understanding Andy and Flo.

This is my romantic story.

It all started.

When my girl said to me.

Where would you rather be .

Sitting with me having a cup of tea.

Or sitting with your mates drinking Speights.

Telling stories  ones  that I would hate.

Not feeling brave.

Thinking I will have to behave.

Oh dear oh dear I said.

The answer must be clear.

You know me well.

Would I rather be here.

Or away from here having a beer

You can answer that question yourself.

I lovingly said to her.

She looked at me unhappily.

You can go to hell I know you well.

You can take of from here and have a beer with your mates.

In that moment I knew she loved me.

She said I don’t suppose you will want me to put on a cup of tea.

With a sigh I said.

Looking at  her lovingly in the eye.

You have a cup of tea.

That would work perfectly.

Maybe in  a bikini .

You would look great.

As I  put on my coat and headed out till late.

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well  written Andy         whoops i mean Pete     

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Re: Understanding Andy And Flo

Back here in the old country, Andy Capp was a daily feature in the daily mirror news paper, I didn't know it came out as a comic? Anyway you left out how he was a lazy, useless waste of skin. Flo would send him out to look for a job and he'd come home well oiled!
Well Pete, you have a brilliant way of taking me back to my youth and writing it down so that I see the pictures in my mind...you're a true artist.     

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Well done Peatle!

In one of my favorite Andy Capp cartoon panels his doctor tells him the best thing he can do is give up drinking, so Andy asks"What's second best?"     

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Re: Understanding Andy And Flo

Cheers Brian I wish I could make it rhyme.

Phill here in New Zealand they would have a compiled a selection of Andy Capp cartoons put into comic books which they would sell at newsagents, It ended up been syndicated into our Newspapers also. I just showed the poem to a friend who use to watch Coronation street in the 60's and 70's and he reckons the poem reminds him of two characters in it Stan and Hilda Ogden.

Thank you  ken it seems like Andy Capp humor was universal.

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cant be late for Christmas diner ive got the roast

lol love andy     

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I think the Corrie writers liked those characters as they then introduced the Duckworths. There are two contenders for the title now, Fizz and Tyrone or Steve and Tracy. As you can tell I still watch Corrie and Emmerdale....     

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Re: Understanding Andy And Flo

mojo01 wrote:

cant be late for Christmas diner ive got the roast

lol love andy

Good one Mojo.     

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Re: Understanding Andy And Flo

Phill, Jack and Vera were great characters. Back in the late 60's -70s  when there was only one TV channel here people use to talk about Coro as though it was real life.   I knew two old ladies who fell out because one loved Ena Sharples and the other hated her. Peter Adamson who played Leonard Fairclough  was brought out here by a company I worked for to do a months residency at a flash restaurant cabaret  called the Beefeater Arms. He was trying to be a singer entertainer but even though he could act his singing wasn't  up to much. The first week his show was full house but word got around how bad it was hardly anyone one went. They got him a spot on a daytime TV show here he insisted on not being interviewed unless they let him sing a song which he did real bad not a smart move on his part. He had some other gigs on the books but they were canned. Another one who was out here was the lady who played Else Tanner her stage shows went down good and were all sold out with good reviews. The woman that played Stan and  Hilda Ogden's daughter Irma  ( Sandra Gough )   lived in Wellington for a while and was married to a local man very briefly. They split and she left town.

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Pete, thanks for the info. We had a re-run of the story behind the "Street" over Christmas. It tells the story of how Tony Warren had to jump through hoops to get it aired in the first place and how Ina Sharples was the last to be cast. Recommended watching.

Sadly Mr Warren died last year.     

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